Natural Resources & Oceans

The natural resources sector is a natural fit for Halifax

Over 300 companies are doing business in Nova Scotia in the oceans sector, with over $500 million in strategic ocean investments. And we host over 60 innovators of high-tech ocean products and services, with 80% of our ocean tech companies exporting globally.

There are other cities, even Canadian cities, that would still be ocean focused, but in a narrow subset of oceans. One of the virtues of Halifax is that it is so cosmopolitan in the diversity of applications. We touch on virtually every possible end use of the ocean – from resource extraction, to fisheries, or ecological protection, or security and surveillance, or pure research. 


With contributions in ocean tech acoustics, sensors and instruments, fisheries and aquaculture, tourism, boatbuilding, shipbuilding, offshore oil and gas, transportation, marinecentric defence and security, life sciences, renewable energy, and marine science and research, the oceans sector employs nearly 35,000 of our brightest people.

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Ocean technology

Halifax companies are creating innovative technologies in underwater acoustics, sensors and instrumentation, communications and navigation, marine geomatics, marine biotechnology, robotics and autonomous vehicles, informatics and artificial intelligence, and naval architecture.

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Seafood and aquaculture

Whether sustainably caught or farmed, seafood is big business for our province. We owe our success in fish and seafood to timely and consistent cold chain logistics and a commitment from governments, industry associations, harvesters, processors, and supply chain service providers to keep us Canada’s number one exporter.

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