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Ocean Technology

Halifax’s population is unusually young. Probably why our culture of innovation is rooted in raw confidence, passion for advancement, and yes—surfing on the weekends.

We're solving the world’s ocean challenges with future-focused tech.

Canada's original ocean city has always made its fortunes from the sea. And as the technology behind our wealth continues to evolve, our commitment to being at the forefront of what’s possible hasn’t changed. Today’s Halifax (and Halifax-area) companies are creating innovative technologies in underwater acoustics, sensors and instrumentation, communications and navigation, marine geomatics, marine biotechnology, robotics and autonomous vehicles, informatics and artificial intelligence, and naval architecture.

The fact that our culture is defined by the sea is happenstance. The fact that we’re dominating ocean tech is by design. In Halifax, government, academia, research facilities, and commercial partners are united in a focus to grow and support the sector. No wonder we keep making waves on the global stage.

Canada's Oceans Supercluster

An industry-led partnership with government, private enterprise, and innovators, our Halifax-based supercluster is inspiring collaborative  research and leading to the development and commercialization of solutions to shared ocean challenges.

Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE)
Halifax’s COVE is specifically designed to support applied innovation in the oceans sector. It features 49 feet of water depth for harbour floor testing, 50,000 square feet of collaborative space, and access to some of the leading minds in the ocean sector.

The Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Canada’s largest centre for oceans research boasts 600 scientists, engineers, and technicians and is located in Halifax.

The facts of the matter:

  • Halifax hosts over 60 innovators of high-tech ocean products and services
  • 80% of our ocean tech companies export globally
  • Dalhousie University receives 25% of all federal oceans research grants
  • Our region receives over $500 million in investments focused on the ocean.

Academic and research partnerships fuel our ocean tech dominance.

Our oceans tech research is effective because it’s based on collaboration and shared goals. Research powerhouses include Halifax’s Dalhousie University—home to institutions like the Ocean Tracking Network, IBM’s DeepSense platform, and the Aquatron laboratory—the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, the Ocean Frontier Institute, and the Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network.


“By expanding to Nova Scotia, we've been able to collaborate with other innovators…and we are excited to see what else this location does for our business. It’s just the beginning.”
- Karl Kenny, Kraken Robotics


Halifax is home base for ocean tech thinking.

Ocean Sonics
Designs and builds innovative products, like smart hydrophones, to improve the quality and success of underwater sound measurements.

Kraken Robotics
Creators of advanced sonar and laser sensors and subsea power solutions for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles for military and commercial applications.

MetOcean Telematics
Develops and manufactures state-of-the-art data acquisition telematics solutions focused on custom defence and security products.

Turbulent Research
Experts in underwater acoustics, real time processing, and low power embedded circuit design for long term and autonomous instrument deployments.

GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc.
Designs and manufactures integrated, end-to-end underwater acoustic systems for defence, surveillance, and commercial clients.

In Halifax, we foster ocean tech innovation with investment.

Financial incentives help guarantee that the best minds—and strongest companies—continue to strengthen this sector. Research and Development Tax Credits, an Innovation Rebate Program, Payroll Rebate, and Export Programs are a few of the incentives that keep us aggressively competitive.

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