Life Sciences

Halifax’s life sciences sector is changing the world

Life sciences is thriving in Halifax largely due to the collaborative approach shared by innovative thinkers at research institutions—Dalhousie University, the Brain Repair Centre, the QEII Health Sciences Centre, The Life Sciences Research Institute, and BioNova, among others.

With access to some of the world’s best researchers, universities and government labs such as Dalhousie University and The Brain Repair Centre, Halifax continues to make significant investment in R&D specifically in the areas of neuroscience, marine biotech, biochemistry and biomedical engineering. This and our reputation for being exceptional hosts of major conferences makes Halifax an ideal location to bring a conference focused on life sciences.

Medical technology

Our research centres and private companies are making waves in diagnostic imaging, non-imaging diagnostics, therapeutic medical devices, assistive devices, pacemakers, artificial heart valves, hip implants, synthetic skin, medical laboratory diagnostic instruments, cholesterol level test kits, and more.

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Digital health

In Halifax, we’re spearheading global advances in Telemedicine and Telehealth, mHealth (mobile health), big data, wearables and implantables, healthIT, and other applications.

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Pharmaceuticals and vaccines

Rapid antigen test for COVID-19, pharmaceuticals to treat antibiotic resistant microorganisms, a new class of cancer immunotherapies, and immuno-oncology efforts that are addressing some of the most devastating diseases in today’s medical landscape.

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With four clusters of ground-breaking research activity in neurology, a rich academic and health sciences culture, and over 200 clinical trials underway, Halifax is a focal point for new discoveries and advancements in neurology. Researchers are improving lives for people with brain injury, Alzheimer’s, migraines, and other brain illnesses.

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Halifax researchers are at the forefront of technologies aimed at predicting, treating, and minimizing the occurrences of cancer in the population. Our innovation in software, radiotherapy, immunotherapies, and education are contributing to the global fight against this chronic disease. 

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Natural health products

The development of vitamins and minerals, herbal remedies, homeopathic medicines, traditional medicines, probiotics, and products like amino acids and essential fatty acids.

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Biofuel produced from marine algae, agricultural growth enhancers from seaweed, cellulose-based biochemicals from wood waste, pharmaceutical ingredients isolated from lobster processing waste, and other innovations.

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