Halifax’s tech sector is on the cutting-edge

We may be an historic city, but our modern economy is built around looking ahead—with a mature ecosystem of research and development, an academic environment that fosters technology excellence, and a tech infrastructure that makes sector growth a given.

When you come to Halifax, what you will walk away with is an impression that we’re covering a lot of bases. There’s a depth of capability and an ability to integrate those solutions across sectors.


Clean tech

Measured by GDP, our clean tech sector grew by 31% in just six years, and jobs in clean tech grew by 27 per cent. This growth is fuelled by a commitment to diversifying our energy mix and an always-expanding number of companies making waves in areas like energy storage, bioproducts, and tidal energy.

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Information and communications technology (ICT)

Over 1,000 ICT companies call Nova Scotia home, and 8.2% of our business sector output is connected to ICT. Halifax boasts expertise in interactive media, IT services, transatlantic telecommunications, enterprise solutions, e-health applications, data analytics, cyber security, and artificial intelligence.

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Advanced manufacturing

Nova Scotia's manufacturing companies generate about $9.36 billion in annual revenues. Dalhousie University is even inspiring the next generation of manufacturers with the Advanced Manufacturing Hub—an academic incubator supporting world-leading researchers in the development of industrial processes for manufacturing advanced materials.

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Digital media

Our digital media firms are making a mark for themselves globally in console video games, mobile games (iOS & Android), VR & AR interactive experiences, VR cinematography, military simulations, and animated movies and TV shows. Employment in the province’s video game industry has grown by 21% in just five years.

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Halifax is home to over 1,000 finance, insurance, and real estate firms, and our financial services companies employ over 18,000 people. Canada’s “Big 5” banks (RBC, Scotiabank, TD, BMO, CIBC) all have regional headquarters right here, and the city’s home to some of the largest and most important financial companies in the world.

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