Success Factors

Why do events in Halifax go so well? Glad you asked.

Sometimes, it’s tough to put your finger on exactly what makes something special and memorable. Not in this case. We can tell you exactly what event and conference planners mention when they rave about their Halifax experience.

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Discover Halifax Services
Let us be your concierge

The Discover Halifax sales team is on call to help you plan your Halifax event. Complimentary services range from space availability searches and site inspections to meeting planner recommendations and attendance-building materials. If you need a hand, we’re here to lend one.

Convenient air access
Also land and sea access!

Getting here is an ocean breeze. The Halifax Stanfield International Airport has the best air access of any Atlantic Canada destination, offering daily flights from Boston, New York, Newark, and London. And Halifax has a ton of daily flights from Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.

Youthful people with fresh thinking
Oh yeah, and they’re fun, too!

With many university and college campuses, Halifax has a younger than usual population. And the lifestyle in Halifax attracts even more youthful-minded people from across the country. The result is a dynamic climate of innovation - youthful ambition paired with the experience of multiple generations of experts. Our people are educated, skilled, positive, open to new ideas, and excited to work toward solutions to global problems.

A Downtown Convention Centre
The Halifax Convention Centre

Halifax is home to a beautiful new convention centre in downtown Halifax. Call it the modern jewel in the historic crown of the urban core. With over 120,000 square feet of flexible event space, a 30,000 square foot ballroom with a view of downtown Halifax, and nearly 50,000 square feet of multi-purpose convention space, this space has already become a destination for visitors and locals alike.

Show your Badge
VIP Discounts and More

Take advantage of exclusive deals, discounts and offers created especially for conference delegates. You’ll feel special because…you are! Halifax’s Show Your Badge Program encourages delegates to show their conference badge at participating businesses and save on everything from local food tours to souvenirs, meals, and more.

Plenty of Downtown Hotels
Everything is at your door!

The city is packed with a variety of hotels where you can lay your head, work out, grab a drink, and meet friends for dinner. From brand new buildings to charming and historic properties, Halifax has hotel rooms for everyone. More than 6,000 guest rooms, with over 4,000 of those rooms located downtown, within walking distance from the new Halifax Convention Centre, the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk, and the city’s best restaurants and nightlife.