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Harbourside patios; oceanfront parks; sailing, swimming, and standup paddleboarding; life in Halifax is rooted firmly in the sea. No wonder our economy is too.

The fortunes of Halifax continue to be shaped by the sea.

Halifax has a long history of relying on (and prospering because of) the ocean. Our city’s motto, “e mari merces”, means “wealth from the sea”. And here on Canada’s Atlantic coast, on one of the world’s deepest natural harbours, the sea continues to drive our economy. Of course, we’ve come a long way since colourful stories of fishing, privateering, and rum-running.

With contributions in ocean tech acoustics, sensors and instruments, fisheries and aquaculture, tourism, boatbuilding, shipbuilding, offshore oil and gas, transportation, marine-centric defence and security, life sciences, renewable energy, and marine science and research, our modern economy is as linked to the sea as our physical city is. And it’s employing nearly 35,000 of our brightest people.

Today’s Halifax is making waves around the world as home of Canada’s Ocean Supercluster. An industry-led partnership with government, private enterprise, and innovators, this supercluster is inspiring collaborative research and leading to the development and commercialization of solutions to shared ocean challenges.


Halifax’s Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE) is specifically designed to support applied innovation in the oceans sector. It offers 49 feet of water depth for harbour floor testing, 50,000 square feet of collaborative space, and access to some of the leading minds in the industry.


The facts of the matter.

  • Over 300 companies are doing business in Nova Scotia in the oceans sector
  • Halifax benefits from over $500 million in strategic ocean investments
  • The ocean industries employ almost 35,000 Nova Scotians
  • Of all federal National Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada oceans research grants, 25% were awarded to Halifax’s Dalhousie University

We nurture our own—exceptionally deep—oceans expertise.

Our many universities and colleges keep Halifax’s ocean sector fed with fresh thinking, and innovative approaches. Dalhousie University offers Canada’s first and only multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree program in Ocean Sciences, for example, and Nova Scotia Community College offers advanced diplomas in Ocean Technology, Marine Engineering Technology, and Marine Navigation.

Cutting-edge research facilities and programs.

The Ocean Tracking Network, IBM’s DeepSense platform, the Aquatron laboratory, the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, the Ocean Frontier Institute, and the Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response network. These are just a few of the ways our city is aggressively building the future of Oceans-related science and technology.

Halifax is home base for ocean-related innovation.

Nature’s Way
Creators of the NutraSea brand of Omega-3 supplements, made from pure, sustainably sourced fish ingredients.

Building technologically advanced aquatic solutions for fish tracking and fish farming designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

Irving Shipbuilding
Innovative, worldwide leader in building, fabrication, conversion, and servicing of vessels and offshore platforms.

LeeWay Marine
A marine data acquisition service company providing fully-crewed offshore ships and inshore vessels for at-sea operations.

In Halifax, we foster oceans innovation with investment.

Financial incentives help guarantee that the best minds—and strongest companies—continue to strengthen this sector. Research and Development Tax Credits, an Innovation Rebate Program, Payroll Rebate, and Export Programs are a few of the incentives that keep us aggressively competitive.

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