Expert Sectors

Industry sector expertise as deep as our natural harbour

Halifax is the largest urban centre east of Quebec. So we’re the region’s intellectual, innovation, and industrial hub. We’re a magnet for creative and ambitious people. And we’re the obvious location for companies looking to grow and expand in any sector.

Aerospace & Defense Sector
Halifax is home to Canada’s East Coast Naval Base

Halifax is home to Canada’s East Coast Naval Base. This consequential but straightforward fact is largely behind the growth of an entire ecosystem of aerospace-focused industry. Whether defence-related or not, Halifax companies and organizations are thriving in naval defence, in-support service to the Department of National Defence, and shipbuilding.

Technology Sector
We’re the #1 province in Canada

We’re the #1 province in Canada for concentration of university enrolments in tech; we’re home to Volta Labs, the largest innovation hub east of Waterloo; and Tesla has partnered with Halifax’s Dalhousie University to develop lithium-ion battery technology. No wonder the city is home to countless innovative companies in clean technology, ICT, advanced manufacturing, digital media, and finance.

Life Sciences Sector
Revenues above CAN $300 million, and over 1,500 corporate employees

Productive partnerships—between researchers, academia, government, and private enterprise —help explain why our health and life sciences cluster is home to over 100 companies, with revenues above CAN $300 million, and over 1,500 corporate employees. Halifax is the location of choice for organizations in medical technology, digital health, pharmaceuticals and vaccines, neurology, oncology, natural health products, and bioproducts.

Natural Resources & Oceans Sectors
Advancing in areas such as oceans, ocean technology, and seafood & aquaculture

Though our geographical seaside location is happenstance, the way we manage and extract wealth from the sea is anything but. In Halifax, companies and organizations are making discoveries and profits in natural resources. Supported by organizations like the Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE), and Canada’s Ocean Supercluster, we’re advancing in areas like oceans, ocean technology, and seafood and aquaculture.

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