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Medical Technology

Though our efforts in medical technology are decidedly future-focused, Halifax also has a solid track record of respecting the past. We boast an historic and compact downtown with charming old buildings, narrow streets, and an old-fashioned focus on balance.

We have the humans behind the machines that save and improve lives.

Halifax is a national centre for the development of medical technology. And though it goes without saying that life-changing technology depends on brilliant people, in Halifax, our people are particularly innovative and productive. Perhaps it’s because of the collaborative research environment. Perhaps it’s because of our impressive number of universities and modern hospitals. Perhaps it's due to our city’s research environment, built on a culture that rewards innovation with an enriching lifestyle. Regardless, the result is an especially prolific and forward-focused sector.

In recent years, a focus on medical technologies related to our existing ICT cluster has been thriving here. Technologies with active R&D include diagnostic imaging, non-imaging diagnostics, therapeutic medical devices, assistive devices, pacemakers, artificial heart valves, hip implants, synthetic skin, scalpels, medical laboratory diagnostic instruments, cholesterol level test kits, and more.

Halifax is more than a pretty face. We’re a place where innovative thinking takes medical technology from idea to life-changing.


DID YOU KNOW: Halifax companies have about 600 medical technology products in market, and about 200 in development.


Our medical tech expertise begins with excellence in research.

Dalhousie University
One of Canada's leading research  institutions  with more than 50 research chairs. Dalhousie University Medical School is home to some of the country's top researchers.

The National Research Council (NRC)
With over 120 scientists, technicians, and support staff, NRC focuses on R&D in marine biosciences, biotechnology, and non-invasive technology in biodiagnostics.

BIOmedical Translational Imaging Centre
A multi-site imaging centre where teams develop medical technologies as well as create new imaging techniques and methods for diagnosing and monitoring treatment.

The Brain Repair Centre
Is a multidisciplinary collaboration linking world-class researchers and physicians specializing in ground-breaking brain repair treatments and technologies.

Halifax is a national leader in medical technology companies

ABK Biomedical
A medical device company dedicated to the research, development, and commercialization of innovative embolic therapies. They recently raised a Series B round equal to C$40 million—the largest venture capital round ever in Atlantic Canada.

BlueLight Analytics
A technology company specializing in the measurement of curing light energy delivery in dental practice. The proprietary technologies provide accurate measurements and analytics for calibrating resin compounds.

Kinduct Technologies
A world-leading data and analytics software provider, Kinduct's highly secure, cloud-based platform allows health and wellness organizations to spend less time managing their data and more time using it to inform decisions, and produce exceptional results.

In Halifax, we foster medical tech innovation with investment.

Companies in Halifax benefit from the Healthcare Venture Fund (which invests in innovative companies that improve healthcare productivity); Genome Atlantic (which provides up to 50% of project funding through research competitions); and the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program. These are in addition to other incentives like the Nova Scotia Payroll Rebate, Atlantic Innovation Fund, Industrial Research Assistance Program, Innovation Equity Tax Credit, and more.

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