Recent Research in Life Sciences

Just some of the work taking place in Halifax!

Feb 2022 - Local researcher contributes to world‑wide study to improve the lives of people with depression- Canadian Research Chair in Early Intervention in Psychiatry, Dr. Rudolf Uher, is the only Canadian commissioner to contribute to a Lancet-World Psychiatric Association Commission on depression.

Feb 2022- Government of Canada gives $6‑Million Boost to Dalhousie Health Research- Ten Dalhousie researchers will share close to $6 million in Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) funding designed to elevate ideas with the greatest potential to improve human health.

Jan 2022- SMU Researcher Part of New Federally Funded Global Indigenous Health and Biodiversity Project - These two important themes come together in Ărramăt, a newly launched Canadian-based project, and led by Indigenous peoples, in response to the global biodiversity and health crisis.

Jan 2022- An unprecedented, colourful view of how damaged DNA repairs itself opens door to new cancer therapies- In a new study in Cell Reports, professor Graham Dellaire of Dalhousie’s dept of Pathology and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology collaborated with Dr. Raul Mostoslavsky at the Massachusetts General Hospital and colleagues at the National Cancer Research Center in Spain to use a cell imaging and a machine-learning analysis method to visualise this DNA repair machinery with a degree of detail and precision never achieved before.

Jan 2022- CIHR names Dalhousie scholar Applied Public Health Chair - Dal is now home to another research chair. Matthew Herder, associate professor in the Department of Pharmacology, jointly appointed in the Schulich School of Law, and director of the Health Law Institute, is one of seven newly appointed Applied Public Health Chairs announced today by the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR).

Jan 2022 -Biomaterials Research Aids in Treatment of Liver Cancer - Dr. Abraham’s biomaterials research team in Halifax have developed a new glass product, which would allow physicians to monitor the procedure and confirm that the treatment is successful, in real time.

Dec 2021 –Dalhousie’s Dr. Sultan Darvesh is pioneering the world’s first technology for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease in its early stage . He and his colleagues are also working to identify a compound that could prevent Alzheimer’s from taking hold and halt the traumatic effects of this disease on patients and their families within our aging society.

Dec 2021 Gerontology World‑leading geriatrician and anti‑ageism campaigner wins the Ryman Prize - Dr. Kenneth Rockwood is the seventh winner of the international health prize, which recognizes the best work carried out anywhere in the world that has enhanced quality of life for older people.,to%20battle%20ageism%20in%20healthcare.

Sept 2021 - Two Dalhousie researchers inducted into prestigious Canadian Academy of Health Sciences - Two leading researchers at Dalhousie have been inducted as Fellows into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS), one of the highest honours for members of the country’s health sciences community. Dr. Christine Chambers and Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy are being recognized for their significant contributions to health policy and the promotion of health science.,the%20promotion%20of%20health%20science.

Sept 2021 - Seven world-class researchers from Dalhousie have been recognized by the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) for their outstanding scholarly, scientific and artistic achievement. This includes three Fellows and four new members of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists — one of the largest cohorts ever from the university.

Sept 2021- Dalhousie team develops non‑woven textile that can neutralize viruses in personal protective masks - Researchers at Dalhousie University have developed a sustainable, locally produced material that can be stitched into personal protective masks to neutralize certain pathogens, such as coronaviruses and influenza viruses.

May 2021 - Dal prof receives Governor General’s Innovation Award for 3D printed devices that improve cancer treatment - Medical physicist Dr. James Robar was one of six 2021 Governor General’s Innovation Award recipients announced by the Rideau Hall Foundation Tuesday in recognition for his work creating technology that improves the experience of cancer patients receiving radiation therapy

May 2021 - First Ever Ultrasound Machine Lending Library for Medical Students in Canada Opens at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick - The Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick PoCUS (Point-of-Care Ultrasound) Club is the first ever ultrasound machine lending library for medical students in Canada.

Mar 2021 - Dal Health researcher part of largest vaccine safety study in Canadian history - Members of the public were asked to play an important role in completing the largest study of vaccine safety in Canadian history.

Mar 2021- At the forefront: Government of Canada invests in Dal researchers pushing the boundaries. Thanks to a $13.2 million investment from the Government of Canada, Dalhousie’s world-class researchers are able to think big, innovate, and push the boundaries of knowledge,

Mar 2021- Dr. Janet Curran appointed first of its kind Quality and Patient Safety Research Chair. A new Quality and Patient Safety (QPS) Applied Research Chair position has been created through an initiative of the Department of Health and Wellness, in collaboration with IWK Foundation, IWK Health, Nova Scotia Health, Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Health, and Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Medicine.

Dec 2020- Blood of COVID patients could predict severity of illness from virus and lead to targeted treatments, An international team of researchers led by Dalhousie immunologists and critical care specialists in Spain has found key biomarkers in the plasma of COVID-19 patients, which will help predict the severity of illness and could lead to new treatments for the virus.

Dec 2020- QEII Foundation announces new chair holder in transplantation research

Nov 2020 – Dal faculty named to the Order of Canada. Two researchers from Dalhousie’s Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine are being presented with a regal honour. Dr. Jeff Dahn of the Department of Physics & Atmospheric Science and Dr. Kenneth Wilson of the Division of Plastic Surgery are two of 114 new appointments to the Order of Canada announced by her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada.

Nov 2020 - James R. Johnston Chair Launches Black Analysis Lecture Series. With the launch of the inaugural Black Analysis Lecture Series on November 26th, Dr. OmiSoore Dryden, the James R. Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies, is taking a closer look at these health disparities and how they impact Black lives.,-Posted%20by%20Jason&text=Since%20the%20COVID%2D19%20pandemic,Indigenous%2C%20and%20other%20racialized%20communities.

Oct 2020 - Indigenous Health in Medicine Program Manager looks to build and strengthen connections The IHIM program also aims to address the recommendations made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and further Dalhousie’s commitment to social accountability to the Maritime Indigenous population.

Oct 2020- Researchers from Dalhousie and IWK Health Centre Receive $4.8 Million in Funding from Genome Canada

Oct 2020 - Dr. Sultan Darvesh, a neurologist, chemist and professor at Dalhousie University, is unlocking the mystery behind Alzheimer's Disease. Molly Appeal: Maritime researchers pioneering technology in early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. -

Sept 2020- Dr. Rishi Gupta offers new physicians’ advice on the human side of medicine in Reflections of a Pupil

Sept 2020Dalhousie Researchers Discover that brain fog, memory loss in lupus patients may be linked to leaky blood vessels.

Sept 2020 - Dr. Sandra Meier uses smartphone research to study impacts of COVID‑19- Dr. Sandra Meier, the Canada Research Chair in Psychopathology and Youth Mental Health, is working to use smartphones to monitor the impacts of social distancing and isolation on youth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sept 2020 - Profile of Achievement: The Lancet carves out space for Dal's Dr. Noni MacDonald - One of the world's most prestigious medical journals shines a spotlight on one of Dal's health research leaders: global health advocate and vaccinology expert Dr. Noni MacDonald.

July 2020- Scientists discover novel genetic contributors to autism. Breakthrough study of thousands of repetitive DNA “wrinkles” identifies previously hidden genetic alterations for the first time

May 2020 - Researchers at Dalhousie to lead human trials of COVID‑19 vaccine.
The first Canadian clinical trials for a potential COVID-19 vaccine will be led by researchers at Dalhousie University,

Apr 2020 - Dalhousie Neurosurgery Resident Receives Top Prize for Clinical Neuroscience Research - Dr. Mark MacLean, a second-year neurosurgery resident in the Faculty of Medicine recently received the K.G. McKenzie Memorial Prize for Clinical Neuroscience Research – the top research prize in Canada for a neurosurgery resident.

Jan 2020Saint Mary’s University Researcher, Dr. Sam Veres, wins Prestigious award in Spinal research

Dec 2019 - Reducing brain inflammation may be the key to slowing or even reversing cognitive decline associated with aging - Dr. Alon Friedman of Dalhousie’s Brain Repair Centre, and his research partners at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, and University of California, Berkley, have published two papers in the journal Science Translational Medicine detailing new MRI and EEG techniques to identify blood-brain barrier leaks, as well as a novel treatment that not only helps to alleviate the effects of a leaky blood-brain barrier, but seems to also heal the barrier.

Nov 2019 - Award‑winning achievement: Researcher’s work shows how Canada's new cigarette packaging will curb smoking An up-and-coming researcher at Dal is catching national and international attention for demonstrating the positive effects of plain cigarette packaging — Canadian-style. The breakthrough work has earned Dr. Mohammed Al-Hamdani the Mitacs Award for Outstanding Innovation–Postdoctoral.

Nov 2019 - Simulation‑based education: bringing theory and practice together . Dr. Stephen Miller, the Faculty of Medicine’s recently appointed Director of Simulation, plans on bringing simulation to the forefront of the medical education continuum in the Maritimes.

Oct 2019 - Dr. Jean Gray inducted into Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Dr. Jean Gray, Professor Emeritus of Medical Education, Medicine and Pharmacology at Dalhousie University, has been named a 2020 inductee into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.

Oct 2019- Dalhousie University will soon be home to Atlantic Canada’s only Orbitrap Fusion mass spectrometer, a powerful research instrument that will allow researchers to explore new territory in their search for cures for cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, psychiatric illnesses and many more deadly and debilitating conditions.

Aug 2019 - Dalhousie researcher lands prestigious new role with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research . Dr. Christine Chambers has been appointed as scientific director for the CIHR Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health,Dalhousie becomes one of only two universities in Canada to host two CIHR institutes.

Apr 2019 - SMU A partnership between Coloursmith Labs and Saint Mary’s researcher Dr. Danielle Tokarz has led to a breakthrough in treatment for colour blindness. Along with her team, Dr. Tokarz helped the startup company refine the focus of their research efforts and identify the appropriate nanoparticles and gels for the lenses.

Mar 2019 - Halifax‑made blood testing device heading to International Space Station Alan Fine with his blood testing device. Fine is a neuroscientist at Dalhousie University and the founder of Alentic Microsciences. Led by Dalhousie University neuroscientist and founder Alan Fine, Alentic Microsciences has patented a hand-held device that can analyze a tiny amount of blood, producing test results on the spot almost immediately.

Feb 2019 - Dalhousie professor's 'Halifax Protocol' making worldwide impact - Dr. Robert Liwski, Dalhousie University pathology professor and director of the QEII's Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) lab, and his team have found a way to reduce the time it takes to confirm an organ match by 70 per cent.

Jan 2019 - Dal rheumatologist wins national teaching award. The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada has named Dr. Trudy Taylor its Clinical Teacher of the Year for 2019. Dr. Taylor is an associate professor in the Division of Rheumatology in the Department of Medicine at Dalhousie Medical School who is known across the country for her skill and passion for teaching.

Jan 2019 - Dal Health researchers have study published in JAMA Pediatrics - Faculty of Medicine associate professor Dr. Marsha Campbell-Yeo (Pediatrics) co-authors study in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics that examines drug treatments for newborns exposed to opioids during pregnancy.

Jan 2019 - Frailty a key risk factor for dementia - A Dal PhD student is the lead author of a vital new study finding that frailty, more so than amyloid plaques and tangles in the brain, is a key risk for developing Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.