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Advanced Manufacturing

Halifax’s youthful population embraces challenge, and is conscious of future-proofing industry. The opportunities inherent in advanced manufacturing are attracting these thoughtful and dynamic thinkers.

We’ve manufactured everything but our stellar reputation.

Reputations are earned, not fabricated. What we do manufacture—and export around the world—generates about $9.36 billion in annual revenues. No wonder, over the decades, Halifax and our home province have earned a reputation for manufacturing prowess. Our logistics infrastructure, strategic coastal location, and youthful culture of innovation add up to attractive advantages for every large-scale advanced manufacturer that calls us home.

And those advantages just keep adding up. Our impressive levels of access to renewables, highly-educated workforce, and future-focused technology are boosting Nova Scotia’s exports like never before. Whether in defence, shipbuilding, ocean tech, forestry, agri-food, energy storage, or seafood industries, advanced manufacturing is the way we “make” progress.


DID YOU KNOW: Pratt & Whitney’s most modern manufacturing line is located in Halifax.


The facts of the matter.

  • Over 3,000 scientists research additive manufacturing, materials engineering, life sciences, renewable energy, and ocean technology.
  • Michelin has produced over 230 million tires in the province since 1971.
  • Nova Scotia's manufacturing companies generate about $9.36 billion in annual revenues.
  • Advanced manufacturing represents the largest output of any goods-producing sector in Nova Scotia.
  • Dalhousie University’s Dr. Jeff Dahn has an exclusive partnership with Tesla to develop lithium-ion batteries.

A commitment to advanced manufacturing in academia.

Our expertise in advanced manufacturing begins right here at home—with a full-range of undergraduate and graduate programs that support the advanced manufacturing sector. Our workforce is highly educated, with universities and community colleges enrolling students from over 100 countries.

The Advanced Manufacturing Hub

In the heart of Halifax, Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Engineering is inspiring a new generation of manufacturers with the Advanced Manufacturing Hub. This academic incubator supports world-leading researchers in the development of industrial processes for manufacturing advanced materials. The insight it provides is based on emphasizing sustainable manufacturing and high-performance materials.

Halifax is where advanced manufacturing moves forward.

Rolls Battery Engineering
Established in 1935, Rolls Battery is one of North America’s leading lead-acid battery producers and Canada’s only independent battery manufacturer.

Green Power Labs
A predictive analytics company that helps its clients manage building energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency.

Lockheed Martin
The aerospace contractor’s Halifax branch work includes engineering, software development, integration, and mechanical and hardware design.

Thermo Dynamics Ltd.
An innovative energy company in Halifax engaged in the research, development, production, distribution, and installation of solar thermal equipment.

Enginuity Inc.
A creative engineering consulting firm, based in Halifax, focused on design engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, and automation.

In Halifax, we foster advanced manufacturing with investment.

Dozens of local programs and incentives are in place to inspire innovation. Examples include the Atlantic Innovation Fund, Export Growth Program, Innovation Rebate Program, and Trade Market Intelligence. These formal programs both incentivize new advanced manufacturers, and demonstrate a commitment to the growth of this sector.

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