Why Meet Live and In-Person?

The facts are undeniable – it’s time to rediscover live meetings where people can interact naturally, and screen-free. Here are four areas to consider when planning a virtual or in-person meeting:


Get the missing 20% back

Recent studies show that although inter-departmental communication can increase up to 40% with remote meetings, intra-departmental (organization-wide) communication falls by up to 20%. Bringing the team together to realign facilitates better corporate culture, improved decision-making, and a less fractured organization.

Spark creative collisions

Live meetings facilitate natural forms of problem-solving, debate, and communication. A discussion sparked by a passing question in the hall simply doesn't happen with zoom. Bring your people and stakeholders together and dive deeply into what really matters.

Get the whole story

What are you missing with zoom? Body language in business sets the foundation for people to communicate with others on a deeper level. Over 55% of all messages come from non-verbal cues like posture and gesture, and research indicates that people are 80% more likely to hold onto the information that they learn if it’s shared with them using verbal and visual elements.

Reengage the team and improve morale

Face-to-face interaction with office friends has been shown to improve overall happiness in nearly half of professionals (46%), according to a LinkedIn study. Zoom happy hours are closing the gap, but there’s no substitute for connecting live with colleagues. Use a live meeting to improve staff engagement and build a tighter team.