BioNova Leads the Way in Life Science Sector

We're fortunate to have groups like BioNova right here in Halifax.  BioNova leads, accelerates, and advocates for Nova Scotia’s growing health and life sciences sector. Since 1993, BioNova has been accelerating the growth of its member companies. By hosting networking and educational events, and providing connections to potential funders and business resources, BioNova helps companies succeed.  While these companies commercialize life-changing research to improve healthcare, provide healthier food, and develop clean energy solutions, BioNova advocates on behalf of the sector. BioNova champions the sector’s cluster of world-class research facilities, incubator programs, and companies who, together, bring investment and jobs to Nova Scotia.

Check out BioNova's NEW VIDEO to see how health & life sciences companies in Halifax are commercializing life-changing innovations, from medical technologies to natural health products.  These companies include IMV, NovaResp Technologies, Tranquility Online, Outcast Foods, and Adaptiiv Medical Technologies.