Halifax is positively booming

Anchored by our Maritime history and shaped by the ocean, Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a breath of fresh, salty air. Known to the Mi’kmaq as Kjipuktuk, it's vibrant, humble, and surrounded by natural wonder— an ecosystem for innovation and the ultimate backdrop for your event.

Virtually breathtaking

Take a (virtual) peek at unique meeting sites, colourful streets, and a whole lot of coastal charm. As for that famous Halifax hospitality, that's something you'll have to experience for yourself.

A smart place to do business

Our modern economy is built around looking ahead. Today’s Halifax-based companies are creating, innovating, and thriving in key sectors driving the world’s economy—from technology and natural resources to life sciences and aerospace. And with one of Canada’s most diverse economies, it’s no wonder we’re making waves on the global stage.