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Want to attract an event to Halifax? We'll help you do it

Yes, there’s a lot of legwork involved in planning, attracting, and arranging an event. Luckily, the effort doesn’t have to be all yours. If you have an idea for an event you’d like to see here in Halifax, we’d love to help you make it happen.

We're ready to help you!
Demonstrate your expertise and pride

As a Halifax resident, you know this city. And as a leader in your business, institution, or community, you know your area of expertise best. So, here’s your chance to combine the two, and host an event in Halifax that celebrates your city and positions yourself as a leader in your area. Win win.

We're here to help

As experts in planning and organizing events, we at Discover Halifax would love to help. Our team will help you understand all the considerations required to host a successful event in Halifax—including venue selection, bid development, stakeholder connections, promotion, and more.

We share your passion for Halifax

We’re pretty lucky to live in a city like Halifax. And when we host events that showcase what our city offers, we demonstrate what a world-class destination it really is. So we’re as excited as you are to bring your event to life. Tell us what you have in mind. Then let’s get to work—together.