Planning & COVID-19

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Halifax is a safe, open, and walkable city that takes the safety of citizens and visitors seriously. Our health and safety protocols have made us one of the safest cities in the country and we continue to develop new strategies to ensure safety on an ongoing basis. Here are just some of the safety practices currently engaged in Halifax:

  • Mandatory face coverings in all enclosed public spaces.
  • No-touch registration services on-site at meetings
  • Physical distancing in public spaces and in meeting situations.
  • Appropriate protection from required interactions such as plexiglass dividers in restaurants, hotels, and retail operations.
  • Extensive hand hygiene opportunities through a large number of disinfectant dispensers.
  • Signage to indicate respiratory measures in place.
  • Extensive cleaning protocols in all hotels, venues and retail outlets
  • Reduced/limited space capacities

To learn more about venue or hotel specific protocols, planner's resources, or other COVID-related tools, visit Discover Halifax's Meet Again Halifax resource.